Method To Modify Antique Wooden Wardrobe For Shelving

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If you want a wardrobe armoire for your kids, you can simply modify antique wooden wardrobe for shelving to perform very nicely.

This wardrobe now comes in white, black or oak to match your existing décor. The outside of this furniture piece appears good and also it is specially built from top quality laminate composite as well as it is strong sufficient to obtain a lot of years out of it.

This wardrobe opens nicely to reveal the excellent quantity of space to hand jackets, pants, coats and shirts as well. Three simple opening drawers at bottom enables you to store sheets, stocks, underwear or simply on anything else that you would like.

The antique wooden wardrobe is a versatile sufficient to handle other settings. The versatility of this storage is about 31” wider and 22” deeper, so you can simply hang many numbers of clothes. The dual double doors enable the simple access to the interior.

The easy sliding drawers with nickel brush handles include to the top quality appearance. If you are adding shelves to an antique wardrobe, it is opting to utilize a track shelving system.

It is highly strong, adjustable and removable. You can safely attach the tracks to back of the wardrobe with a few screws.

antique wardrobe armoireHow to place the antique wardrobe armoire?

Now, you can make the immediate storage space by simply adding shelves with the help of advanced tools. The antique wardrobe armoire can maximize your storeroom storage or assist you arrange the craft supplies as well as books.

Whether you are changing an antique armoire that specially made to hold the hanging dresses and you can add the shelves that update the piece of furniture to suit the needs of your modern household.


Therefore, there is a plenty of wardrobe closet armoires available to select from on the market. These designs are differed in shapes.