How do you hook up speakers to a TV without a receiver?

How do you hook up speakers to a TV without a receiver?

Speakers on our television play a vital role in exhibiting excellent sound frequency transmitted by the television.

When connecting a speaker with the TV, it needs additional accessories such as wire, receiver and so on. Mostly receiver plays a vital role here but imagine without a receiver is it possible to connect speaker effectively?

Many may say it is impossible but actually it is possible and it is too effective than attaching the receiver. It is also simple technique than the other and so in this post let us studies how it is possible to use TV speakers without receiver.

This method will be useful for all those who face issues in their receiver and for those who have broker receivers.

Simple methods to hook up speakers to a TV without receivers

There are 5 important techniques which can be applied while connecting a speaker to the TVs in the absence of a receiver. Here are those 5 simple methods stated below and they are

  • Usage of wireless connection method
  • Method of using hubs
  • Making use if decoder
  • Connecting with two channel amplifiersHow do you hook up speakers to a TV without a receiver?2

Usage of wireless connection method

This is the very first method which can be very easy and mostly many forget this method when they face issues in their receiver.

Without wires it is possible by using this alternative way and it is simply to turn on the Bluetooth option of the speaker and the TV.

After that establish the connection in between both the devices which will automatically produce sound when TV is on. But the only thing is if only the TV has Bluetooth option then this method is applicable.

With two channel amplifier

Using two-channel amplifiers is very simple and so buy an amplifier and then plug it to the TV’s audio port or to HDMI.

Then stick upon the speaker into the output of the amplified speaker. One or more than one speakers can be used here. After all these are done effectively the signal will be sent to the amplifier and then sound will be produced effectively.

Usage of Hub

Buying a Hub is cheaper than a receiver and it is actually a repeater. It is made of two or more ports and it connects to the device effectively. Hence this can be used as an alternative for the receiver.How do you hook up speakers to a TV without a receiver?3

Make us of decoder

This also another alternative and it represent few common devices. Having the decoder port in hand will be helpful at the absence of a receiver

Thus, these are the common ways to use TV speakers without a receiver and you can make anyone of these options immediately to have effective sound effects.