Homemade Wooden Headphone Stand

DIY headphone stand

If you are a music lover, then you might know about the importance of using headphone and different brands of headphones are available on the market.

At the same time, using headphone stand is necessary one to protect it from ear damage and other kinds of issues. If you are looking to save your money, then you can take advantage on homemade wooden headphone stand.

wooden headset standTo make headphone stand, you must have specific tools such as,

  • Bar clamps
  • Jigsaw
  • Saw
  • Sander
  • Wood glue
  • Wipe on Polyurethane

Beginner guide to make wooden headset stand

Anyone can easily make a wooden headset stand and it is east to build because it is required lots of time. Initially, you must require specific kind of the saw for cutting wood to size. If you are having plywood, try to use circular saw or table saw.

Majority of the handmade project could be the best choice to give as the gift. This kind of the wooden headset stand is the finest gift idea to anyone who is having headphone or headset. To make this stand, you are recommended to use scrap piece of ambrosia maple.

Once you draw out on the wood then you can cut it out. You might also clamp it to workbench.  During the sanding process, you must carefully handle it or you might break off top part of the stand. You might use the wood glue which helps to make large block.

Remember one thing; measurement of the wooden stand might vary from headphone which you have. You can store your headphones in diy headphone stand and you might route the edges on base.

You are advisable to choose the trusted and finest site to get complete instructions for making DIY headphone stand.

Complete information about DIY headphone stand

If you are a craft lover, then making homemade headphone stand is the finest and excellent choice. Using jigsaw with the long blade is really beneficial to be made for wood and cut it around the design.

Suppose the wood is too thick then it might take time so try to pay attention to cut the wood. You are advisable to do some research in online then you can easily figure out the instructions and tips to make headphone stand.

Once you finish it properly then you can test it with the headphone. You must measure the headphone width and height to make perfect stand.